Олимпиада Kings Colleges Competition 2014-2015. Final stage

Oral presentation

You should choose one of the following ten topics and prepare a 7–10 minute presentation. You should research and prepare thoroughly, putting forward a well-considered discursive argument; the presentation should not be merely descriptive. Notes can be used, but not reading from a script.

Presentation topics

1. Some degree subjects are more useful for life than others.

2. How Henry VIII’s divorce changed British history.

3. As prisons become overcrowded, criminals should be rehabilitated into society, not locked away.

4. Space colonies are the only future for our overcrowded planet.

5. Boys and girls should be educated separately to maximise their development and academic potential.

6. Children and young people are too dependent on electronic gadgets.

7. People rely too much on antibiotics. This will lead to a biological disaster in the future which could affect the whole planet.

8. Is it possible truly to enjoy a film but not agree with its politics?

9. How can we end people-trafficking?

10. Climate change is affecting the world’s weather patterns and is creating freak conditions.

You may present balanced arguments for or against the topic statements. Marks will be awarded for organisation, a range of vocabulary and grammar, effective body language, in depth research and a thorough knowledge of the chosen topic.

You may use PowerPoint, Prezi or notes, but are limited to 8 slides. You will lose marks for using more slides or simply reading from a script.